As the world is facing up to the challenge of staying healthy and not spreading the Coronavirus, be assured, that being at home does not mean you have to be alone. Bernina produces a wide fleet of sewing machines under their banner which includes machines for embroidery, quilting, crafting, and home textiles. An overlock is a specialized machine with a looper system that is designed completely differently than that of a sewing machine. Dust and fluff should be removed from the sewing machine after each use, since working with materials and threads quickly produces dust that can settle in the hook of the sewing machine and in the feed dog, resulting in skipped stitches or unsightly knots in the bobbin thread. The BERNINA Hook is one of the best ideas to come from our Swiss engineers. Mit den BERNINA Overlocker nähen Sie hochelastische Nähte in Trikot, feine Rollsäume in hauchdünne Stoffe und dekorative Flachnähte in Wirk- oder Webwaren. Bernina is an international manufacturer of sewing and embroidery machines. BERNINA machines are synonymous with Swiss perfection and durability. There are, of course, countless optional accessories to equip your sewing machine with. Soon after she also fell in love with quilting, because she wanted to use the mountain of material she had collected over the years to make beautiful things. The large selection of sewing and decorative stitches, as well as the extensive automated functions and programming options, make computerized sewing machines true multi-talented workhorses. The desired stitches are selected via the display. Read more BERNINA longarm quilting accessories give you the best quilting experience with your BERNINA longarm quilting machine. 0% interest for 60 months on new BERNINA purchases of $3,000 or more made with your BERNINA Credit Card. The purchase of a sewing machine always pays off and is sustainable. Enjoy big quilting art work even with smaller space. Pay particular attention to functions that may offer you a new perspective. By your continued use of this site you accept such use. We’ve got the sewing machines made to keep up with your creativity. And the automatic thread cutter trims the thread and lifts the needle and presser foot with just the touch of a button. You can choose which model and which frame you prefer. What service! But it's not just daily sewing that can be completed in a blink of an eye. All settings are adjustable using this display as well. Enjoy quilting on the highest level. We use cookies to improve your experience. Electronic sewing machines have a significantly greater range of function. It provides trendy fashion, beautiful accessories and great décor ideas for upcycling! Do the same from above the stitch plate, which allows you to remove the residual fluff from the feed dog so you can once again work in a clean environment. Explore the story behind Jean Corbridge’s quilt, "The Bluebird". The result: the finest sewing and embroidery quality, with no need to even press a button. Today, her highly sought-after leather accessories are worn by stars and the fashion savvy alike. In addition to our newsletters, make sure to regularly check our social media channels and website as we will be bringing you more great projects to inspire you throughout your isewlation! Mechanical sewing machines are considered very sturdy and their operation is likewise simple. Join this fun project where you construct this new quilt pattern and learn helpful tips along the way. But unlike a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine, a sewing machine can do so much more than just that – it can even sweeten our day-to-day lives! Our sewing and embroidery machines are precisely manufactured down to the last detail. Computerized sewing machines also have greater sewing speeds than their mechanical counterparts and significantly quieter operation. Join BERNINA Educator Debbi Lashbrook for an in-depth look at lettering in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2. One of the most revolutionary BERNINA presser feet for regular stitches with variable speed is the BERNINA Stitch Regulator. Think about what exactly it is you need from a sewing machine and what comfort functions you absolutely cannot do without. They guarantee simple and intuitive operation despite the highly complex technology and open up a world of new possibilities for your creative ideas. The BERNINA Dual Feed is especially helpful when sewing delicate materials. Swiss tradition and perfection since 1893. Choose the line of sewing, embroidery and overlocker machines that are is made for all your ideas. You can choose which model and which frame you prefer. Will you be able to leave the machine set up, or will you have to put it away after each use? Wouldn't it be wonderful, then, if your sewing machine also had more to offer? The generous long arm depth and height provide ample space for managing your larger quilts. What kind of budget do you have available. Quality is evident in the precision of the stitches and the high needle penetration power when sewing thick fabrics.Our machines are tested extensively before leaving our factory. The sewing machine is operated using a display, which is generally a touch screen with a modern swiping function on the more expensive models. Our sewing and embroidery machines are precisely manufactured down to the last detail. Because you will grow with the creative requirements of every project that you undertake. Embroidery opens up a multitude of options for embellishment, personalization, and individualization. One drop of sewing machine oil is enough to make the system run smoothly again. Just like countless other electronic household appliances, a sewing machine can lighten the load of our daily lives. Enjoy big quilting art work even with smaller space. Buy the right one from the start. It is generally recommended that you purchase an overlock machine in addition to a sewing machine, particularly if you like to sew clothing that looks professional both inside and out. BERNINA – standing for Swiss tradition since 1893. When applying oil, be sure that you distribute the oil well while the machine is at rest and let the machine run (without needle and thread) by pressing on the foot control. The automatic presser foot pressure feature ensures that the presser foot has the ideal pressure for the selected stitch. Just as with all other electrical household appliances, the same rule applies: good quality comes at a price, but it always pays off in the end. It helps you precisely position and align embroidery motifs on the fabric. Easy operation is important, but "easy" is a highly subjective concept that can be greatly determined by one's age and previous knowledge. sewing with a lowered feed dog. Logos, emblems, script lettering, motifs. “The B 480 is an essential part of my studio.” Swiss designer Yvonne Reichmuth, best known for her extraordinary leather accessories under the label “YVY”, has been creating on BERNINA machines ever since she was a child.