The History Quiz is completed individually and conducted at the beginning of the semester. The project requires hard work and extensive coordination and planning amongst the pledges. Pledge projects, pledge keys, and community service ensure pledges possess Practicality. On January 5, 1924, the USC Chi Epsilon became the 4th chapter in the National System. Each pledge must recite the preamble perfectly before moving on. The jewel represents the objective of the transit, the hole is the eye piece, the notches on the sides are leveling screws, and the stem represents the Engineer’s tripod. Pledges and members take part in a couple of activities and are treated to food and drinks. The official emblem of Chi Epsilon is a key that represents the full front view of an engineer's transit. After the ceremony, a formal banquet is held to celebrate the occasion. This group quiz is required of all pledges to demonstrate their Scholarship and teamwork. The official news publication of Chi Epsilon is also called The Transit, and is published semi-annually in the spring and fall of each year. Chi Epsilon, Inc. University of Texas at Arlington Room 222, Nedderman Hall Box 19316 Arlington, Texas 76019-0316 866.554.0553 Members also attend the meeting to discuss with the prospective pledges and answer any questions they may have about Chi Epsilon and the benefits of pledging. During the Pledge Potluck, members and pledges get to know each other in an informal setting. As pledges of Chi Epsilon, students are expected to uphold the four pillars of the Honor Society. The jewel represents the objective of the transit, the hole is the eye piece, the notches on the sides are leveling screws, and the stem represents the Engineer’s tripod. It is a way for each pledge class to leave their mark and is something for the pledges to be proud of. Any questions about XE membership and the pledge process are answered at this meeting. ... Chi Epsilon Key. These keys must be completed before pledge night. This informational meeting acts as an introduction to Chi Epsilon for prospective pledges. The chosen Chapter Honor Member and/or Faculty Honor Member are also inducted during this ceremony. The History Quiz is intended to test pledges on the background and general information on Chi Epsilon. The official badge is a key made in the likeness of the front of an engineer's transit, the instrument of a surveyor. Each pledge class is required to conceive, design, plan, and build a structure for the benefit of the UH campus or the community in general. At Pledge Night, pledges will present their signed and completed transits for inspection (they are expected to stand on their own) and recite the preamble individually and as a group. This allows pledges to learn about the history and background of the Honor Society. As part of the banquet program, in the fall semesters, Chi Epsilon presents a “Civil Engineering Freshman of the Year” award to a student who has excelled scholastically during his or her first year in the civil engineering program. The colors of Chi Epsilon are purple and white. Through pledge events and activities, pledges develop and hone the two virtues of Character and Sociability. Pledges are also expected to complete a scavenger hunt as a group. Family and friends of the recent inductees are welcome to attend, along with alumni of Chi Epsilon. In the past, pledges were asked to bring an item that best represented them, compose a skit with the other pledges, share a talent of theirs, etc. At the barbecue, the pledges are asked to compete in various competitions to display Character. Pledges are expected to have fabricated the Chi Epsilon Transit by the beginning of this week and obtain the signatures of all the Civil Engineering Faculty, members of their pledge class, and current members of the organization. At pledge night, the pledges that have displayed the four pillars of Chi Epsilon: Scholarship, Practicality, Character, and Sociability, are informally inducted into the Honor Society. The picnic allows members to get to know the pledges and allows pledges also demonstrate Sociability. After the interview, members and faculty advisors deliberate on whether or not to accept a student as an official pledge. This project reinforces all the core virtues of Chi Epsilon and while being a very challenging endeavor, is extremely fun. See the "Key Making Guide" for instruction on constructing the Chi Epsilon Key. For the fall semesters, the pledges with the two highest scores have the opportunity to attend the Pacific District Conference (See Section 4.1). The questions asked in the quiz are based on the history of Chi Epsilon, the principles of the society, the universities involved with Chi Epsilon, members of the national council of Chi Epsilon, and other facts about the Honor Society (See Attachment III, Study Guide – Chi Epsilon History Quiz). The Engineering Quiz involves problems relating to course materials from CEE 270, CEE 271, CEE 320, and CEE 370. Please see the Scholastic Requirements section in Membership Requirements for more information. Chi Epsilon’s National Headquarters is currently located on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington. Also at pledge night, officers are elected for the following semester. The Marshal delivers a presentation about Chi Epsilon and the pledge process. Textbooks and notes are allowed during the quiz. Chi Epsilon was founded at the University of Illinois in 1922. At this potluck, the Marshal asks pledges to share some basic information about themselves. During pledge week, pledges must dress in business attire for the whole week. Pledges who desire to join the ranks of Chi Epsilon are subject to a group interview by the members and faculty advisors. Pledges must generate the correct answers for every question before being dismissed. These pillars - Scholarship, Character, Practicality, and Sociability - will be tested throughout the pledge process. Members seek to gain a better understanding of the prospective pledges though this interview by asking a variety of questions to evaluate whether the students fit the qualifications of Chi Epsilon. Upon initiation, each member of the Hawaii Chapter of Chi Epsilon is required to make their own key according to specifications. The pledge barbecue and picnic is a potluck social, usually taking place at Magic Island or Kaka'ako Beach Park. Quizzes verify a pledge's scholastic ability and tutoring allow pledges to perpetuate Scholarship throughout the civil engineering community. The skill, effort, and teamwork put into the construction of the keys reflects on the qualities of a good civil engineer: Scholarship, Character, Practicality, and Sociability. If you are interested in becoming a member of Chi Epsilon, you must meet specific academic prerequisites before being invited to join. At the initiation banquet, pledges are required to present a slideshow illustrating their activities for the semester. Before the initiation banquet, members and pledges conduct the traditional Ritual Ceremony of Chi Epsilon to formally induct pledges into the organization. The official emblem of Chi Epsilon is a key that represents the full front view of an engineer's transit. Pledge week typically falls near the end of the semester, the week before the last week of classes, and ends with Pledge Night (see below).