[(16. The effect of cholesterol on phospholipid acyl chain packing in bilayers consisting of highly unsaturated acyl chains in the liquid crystalline phase was examined for a series of symmetrically and asymmetrically substituted phosphatidylcholines (PCs). -15.1048 -1.1667 Td )Tj [(same)-278 (on)-278 (the)-278 (two)-278 (sides)-278 (of)-278 (the)-278 (membrane. 0 Tc 7 0 0 7 314.1761 495.8835 Tm /T1_2 1 Tf T* )]TJ T* [(cate)-252.9 (how)-252.9 (surprisingly)-252.9 (subtle)-252.9 (the)-252.9 (mechan)-30 (ism)-252.9 (i)-0.1 (s.)-252.9 (The)-252.9 (main)-252.9 (transition)]TJ Restructuring of Dye Layers in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells: Cooperative Adsorption of N719 and Chenodeoxycholic Acid on Titania. Nowadays cholesterol is a matter of discussions in many areas, from fitness to drug design. -1.8509 -1.2008 Td 6.3565 0 Td (ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The influence of cholesterol on multicomponent Langmuir monolayers imitating outer and inner leaflet of human erythrocyte membrane. Natalia Kasian, Olga Vashchenko, Liliia Budianska, Roman Brodskii, Longin Lisetski. )-267.7 (Closely)-267.7 (c)-30 (onnected)-267.7 (to)-267.7 (this,)-267.7 (we)-267.7 (obser)-60 (ved)-267.7 (that)]TJ [(15. [(from)-399.2 (Algorithms)-399.2 (to)-399.2 (Applications)]TJ [(boring)-205.9 (chole)19.8 (sterol)-205.9 (molecule)19.8 (s)-205.9 (\(see)-205.9 (e.g.,)-205.9 (ref. /T1_2 1 Tf )-501.9 (If)-501.9 (the)19.8 (se)-501.9 (molecule)19.8 (s)-501.9 (are)-501.9 (added)-501.9 (to)-501.9 (the)]TJ [(J)-276.5 (Phys)-276.5 (Chem)-276.5 (B)]TJ T* (membrane. <>stream [-0.1 (\002)]TJ 3.937 0 Td )-519 (Mills)-182.3 (TT,)]TJ )Tj -12.445 -1.1667 Td [(the)-157.7 (chemical)-157.7 (activity)-157.7 (of)-157.7 (cholesterol)-157.7 (in)-157.7 (membranes. Christopher W. Avery, Abhigyan Som, Yongjiang Xu, Gregory N. Tew and Zhan Chen . Transport and Organization of Cholesterol in a Planar Solid-Supported Lipid Bilayer Depend on the Phospholipid Flip-Flop Rate. (www.pnas.org)Tj )-184.7 (A)-184.7 (possible)-184.7 (r)-0.1 (eason)-184.7 (for)-184.7 (the)]TJ T* Thatyane M. Nobre, Heurison de Sousa e Silva, Rosa P. M. Furriel, Francisco A. Leone, Paulo B. Miranda and Maria Elisabete D. Zaniquelli. You’ve supercharged your research process with ACS and Mendeley! 25 publications. 1.8509 -1.1667 Td This bilayer has also the highest (least negative) binding free energy among liquid phase bilayers, and the lowest reorientation barrier. (pnas.0809959106)Tj /T1_4 1 Tf [(suf\036cient)-238.2 (hydration,)-238.2 (we)-238.2 (used)-238.2 (a)-238.2 (system)-238.3 (of)-238.2 (100,000)-238.2 (water)-238.2 (molecules)-238.2 (for)-238.2 (a)-238.2 (total)]TJ )]TJ )]TJ )]TJ Article Views are the COUNTER-compliant sum of full text article downloads since November 2008 (both PDF and HTML) across all institutions and individuals. [(Phys)-274.2 (Rev)-274.2 (E)]TJ [(a)-190.7 (much)-190.7 (more)-190.7 (disordered)-190.7 (str)-30 (ucture)-190.7 (in)-190.7 (which)-190.7 (we)-190.7 (cannot)-190.7 (identif)-30 (y)-190.7 (the)19.8 (se)]TJ In situ molecular level studies on membrane related peptides and proteins in real time using sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy. /T1_5 1 Tf endobj Furthermore, cholesterol molecules in this bilayer are often found to form head-to-tail contacts which may lead to specific clustering behaviour. T* 0 4 -4 0 23 14 Tm 0 Tc 6.5 0 0 6.5 51.6761 39.8835 Tm /T1_4 1 Tf is available on our Permission Requests page. 1.3144 -1.2008 Td /T1_2 1 Tf This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Please note: If you switch to a different device, you may be asked to login again with only your ACS ID. [(2:637\226)-119.8 (648. T* The unique sensitivity of VSFS to order/disorder transitions of the lipid acyl chains was used to determine the main gel to liquid crystal phase transition temperature, Tm, for HBMs of binary cholesterol/phospholipid mixtures on octadecanethiolate self-assembled monolayers. 1.8509 -1.1667 Td 4.3838 0 Td )Tj -16.6389 -1.2008 Td <> T* [(were)-311.6 (able)-311.6 (to)-311.6 (obt)-30 (ain)-311.6 (such)-311.6 (a)-311.6 (rich)-311.6 (phase)-311.6 (behav)-39.8 (ior)-311.6 (by)-311.6 (using)-311.6 (a)-311.6 (c)-30 (oarse-)]TJ [(26. to access the full features of the site or access our, Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry, Stockholm Universtity, Stockholm, Sweden, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial )Tj [-0.3 (\002)]TJ /T1_2 1 Tf [(assumed)-362.1 (that)-362.1 (one)-362.1 (lipid)-362.1 (molecule)-362.1 (c)-30 (ould)-362.1 (screen)-362.1 (one)-362.1 (or)-362.1 (t)-30 (wo)-362.1 (neigh-)]TJ )-361.5 (Implicit)-361.5 (in)-361.5 (both)-361.5 (t)-0.1 (he)-361.5 (umbrella)]TJ [(24. 37.4887 0 Td 34.9942 0 Td [(the)-269 (effect)-268.9 (of)-268.9 (cholesterol)-268.9 (on)-269 (the)-269 (thermotropic)-268.9 (phase-behavior)-268.9 (of)-268.9 (a)-269 (homologous)-268.9 (series)-268.9 (of)]TJ (905:162\226172. )]TJ 19 0 0 815.5 9 9 cm -24.3638 -1.1667 Td 5.7785 0 Td [(for)-196.7 (the)-196.7 (ex)-30 (periment)-30 (al)-196.7 (systems.