For your request "Coin Shops Near Me Open Today" we found several interesting places. Most likely, your coin is worth its melt value. Sell Coins by Using Our National Database of Coin Dealers and Coin Shops. Easy and convenient way to find cool places near you! Once you do that, you can then reach out to private coin buyers, coin dealers, and coin shops with a little more confidence and have the ability to solicit offers on your single coins or coin collections. At the bottom of each coin profile in the database there is a link to guides on PCGS and NGC where you can click on the type of coin to discover where the mint mark is located. Please take your time, browse around, and let us know if we can offer you any assistance. Most coin buyers will also check recent auction history to establish a fair market value for the coins. The melt value is tied directly to the current Silver Spot Price or Gold Spot Price. In the next section we will discuss Shopping Your Coins which will cover getting different opinions from multiple dealers. We worked” more, “Mike Carter is a great resource for fountain pen repairs. S & S Coins is owned and operated by Jim Shook, a US coin collector and dealer for over 30 years. Coin Dealers in Santa Fe on “While my mother was in town this weekend she wanted my help selling some 14k and 22k broken gold jewelry. When you sell coins, one of the most important things to understand is the difference between numismatics and melt value. Gift (and save) all 10 days Nov. 20-29, In club and online. Numismatics comes into play when there is an additional collector value, or premium, on the coin. We guarantee a new plan every time. As you will see, within each denomination the type of coin is listed in chronological order. Condition of a coin is a strong driving factor when establishing value. I agreed and placed the order. This was our first visit to a coin dealer and it was an exceptional experience. IMPORTANT NOTES: When you sell coins in this fashion please remember two things: When it comes to strictly Bullion/Melt Value type coins, most places will offer you a percentage of the melt value. When you send a private coin collector, coin dealer, or coin shop the list of coins you would are considering selling you should always remove any notes that you made regarding your estimated value of the coin. Regardless of if you are a lifetime coin collector or recently inherited a coin collection, when it comes time to sell coins you have many options out there. “I brought my 19 year old daughter to American Coin to get information on a shoe box full of coins that she received from her grandfather. We had no idea what to expect as this was the first time we had…” more, “We had some old coins we brought in to sell. You do not need to be an expert to take this first step. Lee gave us a, good, fair, honest price ! Our database is updated periodically, with the sole objective of providing you timely with options everywhere, anytime. He's upfront, honest and always fair in his evaluations, pricing and advice. If you are not computer savvy, you can always hand-write your list of coins. They have some great old antiques to buy also !” more, “ pricing and get back to him. Went to two other places but found the GG store and staff the most professional and educational.…” more, “Wonderful/beautiful environment to shop! Oddly enough, I ended up being helped by an associate I knew from her previous job at another jeweler. Don’t get your feelings hurt if several of the potential coin buyers that you call have no interest in seeing your coins. Use our Coin Database to match the coins that you have separated with what they are called in the Numismatic (collector) world.