Dolmio kindly sent me a hamper of food and for one meal (at little man's request) we had slow cooked meatballs using the Domio as the sauce and adding some mushrooms and courgettes too. just divine as is - thank you. Added some pepper and parmesan cheese to serve. Tomato sauce. Bring everyone together with the delicious, hearty taste of DOLMIO Pasta Sauce. I use tinned tomatoes when I don't have fresh and they still love it. Add capsicum, herbs and tomatoes and chop - … you also need 1 big jar of dolmio sauce. Spread 1 side of the cooked aubergine slices with 2 tbsp sun-dried tomato pesto, then layer them up into 3 layers in a lightly greased ovenproof dish with mozzarella and the jar of chilli and tomato Thanks. once browned add dolmio sauce, pinch of mixed herbs or oregano if you don't have any. Dolmio Creamy Carbonara Pasta Sauce can be enjoyed as part of a balanced weekly diet. great sauce!! Def want to try it on pizza bases . Pour over the Dolmio Sauce. Also sometimes I don’t have enough fresh tomatoes so I use a can of diced tomatoes- it still works ! Thank you for sharing the recipe. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I have made with tinned tomatoes and it's just as good. The only addition I made was to add some diced is amazing thanks. Once I blended after that, it was a pretty good consistency, and the flavour was amazing! well done on a great recipe. Mine wasn't very tasty, I'm not sure where I went wronf. An easy and delicious way to use up this summer's glut of tomatoes. Also used tinned tomatoes and this was lovely. I will keep making it. red capsicum, quartered, 1 I used 400g of chopped tomatoes instead of the 500g of fresh tomatoes and it still worked really well. put mince in and brown it. I kid you not, middle man asked for thirds! Taste and season as required. Heat a little oil in a pan over medium heat. OMG love this sauce! Sauté a diced onion and 5 diced bacon rashers with a dash of olive oil in a medium non-stick pan until caramelised. Great recipe thanks. Made this tonight. Awesome recipe which we use as a base for most of our pasta sauces! Exactly what I needed for a quick Sunday dinner. I'd say it will become a child friendly staple in our house as the kids have requested to have it again. I love this sauce, its my go to for tomato based dishes. All the children and adults liked it. Lay a piece of bacon or thin slice of aubergine on each and sprinkle with cheese (dairy or vegan). I sometimes add a red chilli to give it a kick. Added a hot chilli and this was delishes with spagetti squash and pieces of chicken breast - yum. Would make again but add extra flavours. This is so quick and easy to make, I added mushrooms as i was 100g short on the fresh tomatoes and it was still Yum. I have struggled to find a homemade sauce that I like. gently fry until the onion goes clear. Easy, quick and delicious. My husband is not a fan of tomato-based pasta sauces so I added in a tad more cream and he absolutely loved it. This reminds me of capsicum dip. DOLMIO uses wholesome ingredients the family will love. This sauce helps you create a classic, golden Pasta Bake. 5 Recipe's preparation. Try our Parmesan and Mascarpone sauce expertly blended with Italian tomatoes, white wine, garlic and basil. I often add extra veggies, such as a handful of broccoli and cauliflower - great way of getting veggies into the little one. I will definitely be making this regularly. Comes in a convenient resealable glass jar. I didn't blitz at the end as I like a bit of texture in the sauce . Enjoy this indulgent meal as part of a balanced weekly diet. My kids love this recipe, thank you so much. Dolmio Extra Smoky Parmesan & Pecorino Pasta Sauce contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Add the tomatoes, stock and oregano. Cooking Instructions: Cook:10 mins | Serves: 4It sa easy as Cooking 200g of dry pasta. I'm not sure if it tastes like dolmios as I haven't bought premade sauces in years. This sauce was a fabulous way to use up a glut of tomatoes - I will definitely make more to freeze. Thank you so much for sharing! put oil, garlic and onion in bottom of saucepan. When it says 1 handful of herbs do you use only one of those herbs listed or a handful of each? The Mix Australia Pty Ltd Beautiful, my one year old loves this. This sauce is amazing.