[2], During World War II, a decision was made to place the main anti-aircraft guns of the peninsula within the gardens. [2], On the coast below the gardens are Stone Pier at the entrance to Weymouth Harbour and Newton's Cove, The Nothe is an area, covering 40,000 square metres of land, that has not been changed by modern development. To report non-urgent cases of antisocial behaviour, please email nothe_friends@btinternet.com. [1], The gardens include Nothe Fort, built in 1872 to protect Portland's harbour, and today a museum and tourist attraction. Having lived in Weymouth for over 30 Years i want to share the delights of this great little Town with fellow travellers !! The supporters main goal is to make the gardens "a jewel amongst Weymouth's attractions". Nevertheless, Roger said the situation was a lot more under control than it had been previously. Weymouth Parks and Gardens For an utterly peaceful and beautiful experience, stroll through the Nothe Gardens, Weymouth’s Victorian sub-tropical garden overlooking the bay. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. The rest of the Gardens remained open for residents and visitors without charge. The supporters main goal is to make the gardens "a jewel amongst Weymouth's attractions". The gardens are lovely for all the family to come to. ©Copyright 2001-2020. The supporters main goal is to make the gardens "a jewel amongst Weymouth's attractions". For the Weymouth and Portland Sailing Events in the 2012 Olympics, the gardens were closed to the public, where organising committee LOCOG decided to charge spectators £20 to £50 for a day's admission to the gardens to view the sailing events. The supporters main goal is to make the gardens "a jewel amongst Weymouth's attractions". However, by this point the Nothe Fort had become a tourist attraction, and members of the Weymouth Civic Society decided to rebuild a replica of the structure inside the grounds of the fort. As such a heavy anti-aircraft battery was constructed to the west of Nothe fort. There is a good supply of car parking adjacent to the gardens and they provide a superb elevated position with great views. Aside from the main anti-aircraft battery, Nothe Gardens was also the location of a World War II coastal artillery searchlight defence, which was installed to assist the battery and the fort by illuminating surface targets for the gunners. For public use, picnic areas are available for use, large grassed areas for ball games whilst the nearby rock pools of Newton's Cove, found at the bottom of the gardens, are a popular attraction. Friends of the Government House Gardens Society. When you have reported an incident they follow it up.”. nice floral displays and "hidden" paths down to the harbour. Lovely, peaceful gardens with great views over the bay. During World War II, the gardens to the west of Nothe fort were the location of an anti-aircraft gun battery comprising four Vickers Armstrong QF 3.7-inch AA guns. Roger said: “In terms of the Nothe the policy is ‘responsible use of the gardens’. [11] A vast array of choice trees and established shrub beds are found in the area. Continue your visit to www.tripadvisor.in. [6][7][8] The replica was equipped with an original 90mm searchlight and associated equipment, and remains accessible to the public through entry to the fort. The main attraction is of the Nothe Fort, but the gardens and the outside fortification ditches and the tree lined avenue help. A 90-millimetre searchlight defence was situated at the bottom of the garden, overlooking Portland Harbour to illuminate surface targets. [15] Nothe Fort recruited 150 people to help out as marshals during the games, as an expected 4,600 ticketed spectators a day flocked to the official view point during the fortnight. A man in his 20s suffered facial injuries and had to be taken to hospital after being assaulted. Having been a tour guide before previously in Weymouth on a glass bottom boat i feel i know how to entertain my customers. “But the police have done a lot and between 2005 and now improving the site visits and patrols. He said: “Most of the time it is a family place to come along and enjoy and relax in Weymouth. HP10 9TY | 01676637 | Registered in England & Wales. Plenty seats to relax on and watch the squirrels. In 1888, the Gardens were at the beginning of their establishment.[3]. The Friends operate year round with most gardening occurring between March and October. military history, Nothe Fort, Nothe gardens, Royal Engineers, Soldiers, Weymouth Posted by cannasue on May 7, 2017 November 21, 2018 Here in Weymouth and Portland we are blessed with a bevvy of beautiful parks and gardens, all embracing their own special identity. [4][5] A restored gun of the same type is now situated on the ramparts of Nothe Fort. The emplacement remained in the gardens throughout the 20th century, until it was destroyed by a landslip in 1998. Friends of the Garden "The Friends of the Garden” is a registered charitable society founded in 1971 to support the development of the Garden. 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Equipped with a 90-millimetre searchlight, the emplacement was situated at the bottom of the garden, overlooking Portland Harbour, and formed part of the Nothe Fort defences. Friends of the Nothe Gardens. The Friends of the Nothe Gardens are a band of residents and locals who care about the gardens and promote the enjoyment of the area. Another searchlight emplacement, used as a sentry light to guard the entrance of Weymouth Harbour, is situated nearby at Weymouth's South Pier, and has become scheduled under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979.[9]. “Most of the kids don’t realise what they are doing. Nothe Fort from the air. What was originally a small group of dedicated volunteers in the early 1990s, has evolved into the Friends of the Government House Gardens Society (The Friends). If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here. The Garden Club provided $250,000 from funds accumulated through flower shows, craft sales and boutiques. In recent times, the trust has been funded by a grant from the Lottery.