[27] The residents of Lyme Regis were staunch Parliamentarians who, in 1644, repelled three attacks by a Royalist army under King Charle's nephew, Prince Maurice. In 1685 Judge Jeffries presided here over the ‘Bloody Assizes’ following Monmouth’s rebellion and defeat at the Battle of Sedgemoor. That attitude towards food has produced some unique restaurant options that take advantage of the high quality free products that are from Dorset. Like many towns in this part of Dorset, you have to be fit as the main street rises up a steep hill! In the 19th century the railways bought increased mobility and communications to the British people. British, American and Canadian ships gathered in the harbour and nearby in Weymouth bay before the D-Day landings. All pages can be accessed on the Map and A-Z Index page. View our interactive map of Roman Sites in Britain for details of nearby sites. This unique farm raises some of the most beautiful swans one will ever see. Make sure you stop a while to take in the breathtaking scenery whilst you are up there – you won’t be disappointed. The awe-inspiring, dramatic Jurassic Coast tells a mighty tale of bygone eras when dinosaurs roamed the earth. © 2019, University of London. The then busy port was one of the first towns to experience the epidemic which went on to wipe out a third of the population of the country. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1908. Dorset has many museums that cover topics such as the arts and industry. Dorset, England is a beautiful country renowned for high quality local produce and breathtaking landscapes in all regions of the country. Thomas Hardy novelist and poet, his life and work. During the summer, visitors may come across theatrical performances outdoors, walk past art galleries or be tempted by the smell of food from the local restaurants. There is a group of Romano-British inscriptions at Wareham[citation needed]. Publication date 1774 Topics Antiquities, Dorset (England) Publisher London : Printed by W. Bowyer and J. Nichols Collection wellcomelibrary; ukmhl; medicalheritagelibrary; europeanlibraries Digitizing sponsor Wellcome Library Contributor Wellcome Library Language English Volume Vol. In the Isle of Purbeck a long-settled Iron Age site at Worth Matravers was reorganised late in the Roman period to grow grain for the legion, with a grain-parching granary floor heated with a hypocaust. Since the early 19th century, when George III took holidays in Weymouth while ill, Dorset's tourism industry has grown, with the seaside resorts of Bournemouth and Weymouth, the Jurassic Coast and the county's sparsely populated rural areas attracting millions of visitors each year. The Romano-British retreated, constructing another defence, Combs Ditch, which also fell within a century. However, after Armorica was conquered by Julius Caesar in 56 BC, the trade dried up; the Romans re-arranged trade with Britain to the profit of their allies, the Trinovantes, in Essex. [16][17] Many monasteries were also established, which were important landowners and centres of power. Ecclesiastical History. The lovely Georgian buildings, to be found mostly off the main street, give the town a very elegant feel. A number of deer parks still remain in the county. Many were taken prisoner and this was effectively the end for the organisation. Know before you go – Covid-19 information. This is the home page for the Victoria County History of Dorset. Throughout the Medieval period, Dorset was popular amongst the nobility, including a number of kings, for its hunting estates, such as Gillingham and Sherborne. John Hutchins’s History and Antiquities of Dorset (1861–73) is a massive four-volume history of the ancient buildings, archaeological finds and families of Dorset.. set of masks which played a significant role in… read more. Creator and writer, Chris Chibnall, wrote Broadchurch as a love letter to the Jurassic Coast and it’s easy to see why. Many of the historic houses in Dorset are said to have a ghostly past…..do you dare to visit? Soak up the scenery and imagine yourself in one of his fictional hamlets. Summaries of Fiefs in … Getting here This area is still well preserved for the most part. Facts about Dorset Population: 745,000 Famous for: Jurassic Coastline, sandy beaches, Maiden Castle Distance from London: 2 hours Local delicacies: Apple cake, cream teas Airports:…, The history of the Dorset Ooser, an ancient (and rather grotesque!) The town’s streets seem to tumble down the steep hill into the sea! [35] Blandford became famous for its bonelace and Stalbridge for its stockings. There may have been a Saxon raid at Bindon in 614, though the location is not certain. 2. It is thought that the Saxons captured east Dorset in the mid-7th century and west Dorset shortly afterwards, but the details are not known.[13][14]. Marvel at the sheer scale of the earthworks built with such primitive tools. 5621230. By the Late Iron Age, the inhabitants of Dorset were minting their own coinage and thriving on trade with Northern Gaul (Armorica, now known as Brittany). The historic town of Dorchester, in the south, is the county seat. Dorset has many notable Roman artefacts,[10] particularly around the Roman town Dorchester, where Maiden Castle was taken early in the Roman occupation. [35] The absence of coal however meant that during the Industrial Revolution Dorset was unable to compete with the large mechanised mills of Lancashire and so remained largely rural. Its archaeology documents much of the history of southern England. West Bay, or as it used to be called, Bridport Harbour, is where the T.V. The history and antiquities of the county of Dorset by Hutchins, John, 1698-1773. For over 300 years, the coastlines of the English Channel and south west of England were at the mercy of Barbary pirates. Then take time to visit one (or perhaps more!) In 1645 some 5,000 of them gathered at Shaftesbury to do battle with Parliamentarian troops. Large amounts of the stone were used in the construction of Salisbury Cathedral. At Abbotsbury on the Fleet the Romans quickly took the hill fort, Abbotsbury Castle, bloodlessly before moving on to Maiden Castle. There is some evidence of a struggle at Maiden Castle and Badbury Rings but current opinion amongst archaeologists is that these, and Hod Hill, also fell with ease. The Swanage Railway has been reopened as a heritage railway. Text and translation of the Dorset Geld Rolls. Coenred, the sub-king of Dorset at the end of the 7th century, was father of King Ine. King Ethelred I (866-871) is buried at Wimborne, while St Cuthberga, abbess of Wimborne, died in 725. 74 were executed; 29 were hanged, drawn and quartered; 175 were deported and many were publicly whipped. He ordered the hanging of 74 men. Still looking to find out more about Dorset’s unique history and heritage? Take some time out to explore and you may discover prehistoric fossils and gigantic footprints at the foot of the ancient cliffs formed 185 million years ago. A part-volume covering the religious houses of the county. The chalk downs were largely deforested during these times, making way for field and pasture. [36][37][38] The Tolpuddle Martyrs lived in Dorset, and the farming economy of Dorset was central in the formation of the trade union movement.[39]. By continuing to use this site you accept this policy.