Of course I'm building a deck! EDH 3 / 1 . MTG Deck Builder Advanced Search Add Deck Paste ... Cards for every deck / deck building template by King_Ramses. It covers most of what you need to consider when building a deck. The problem is that building deck is hard. It should win games. It takes time and effort to find the right cards that go well together. Currently I have a blue flying-shadow deck with a 1:1:1 ratio of lands to creatures to spells. That deck should reflect your play style. Dargo's Wrecking Ur Ship by Swim_ish. Having the proper amount of land in your Magic the Gathering play deck can greatly help to prevent problems with not ... but having a proper land to card ratio for your Magic deck will be a major factor in limiting those mana problems. Magic: The Gathering has been around for years, chances are you know someone who either plays Magic or has played the it. The piece of advice is simple: you're building a deck, not just a pile of cards. Well, yes, you're bringing 60 cards to the table for your deck, which will become your library. (Thanks, rule 401.1!) How many cards are in a Magic: The Gathering deck? EDH 3 / 0 . How Many Lands to Put in Your MTG Deck (Magic the Gathering) Land selection is a topic that MTG players have argued for ages! One of the most compelling aspects of the game is the sheer number of interesting cards and combos available, and ways in which they can be played together to create a personalised expression. Some say it is an exact science and that you must run X … you may ask. what is a good mana-to-everything else ratio. Around half my spells are counterspells and the goal of my deck is to knock out my opponent with creatures they can't block, yet I can block them. Deck Building (Spell and Mana Ratios) One of most important things to consider as you are deck building (and drafting) is your deck strategy. This will determine which sets you can use as well as the minimum size of the deck too. Krark - Two Thumbs Way Up! its gonna be a deck of 60 (Primer soon) by Stalkton. To do this well you must consider the type of deck you are creating and what ratio of creatures to noncreatures, mana base, and mana curve best supports that type. im building an elf deck. Building Your First Magic: The Gathering Deck In 6 Simple Steps. Getting the correct land ratio is difficult. I'm making a magic the gathering deck to play with at school, but I think my ratios may be off. What do you mean? But is it a deck or … It should reflect your personality. The first thing you need to decide is which format you’re building a deck for. (20 lands, 20 creatures, 20 spells). There are four primary strategies in Magic. Playtesting the deck with proxy made-up cards isn’t fun. Of course, you’ll be familiar with the most popular Magic: The Gathering formats from our useful guide here.