Absolutely picture worthy! It was soo fantastic! THE BEST DAMN PORK CHOPS. Thank you, Hi Mare, are you able to adjust the height of the cooking surface? I’ll definitely be making these again. Hi do you use the air fry setting to cook these or the bake setting ?? I used 1.5 inch center cut, bone in chops. This is a keeper recipe. Please try again. I can’t wait to see you inside of the group! To receive our 3 Recipe Articles in your inbox each week, sign up for our free email list located on the side and bottom of each recipe. 2. Make sure to use a lot of the rub. So that meant no oven. Juicy, tender and delicious air fryer pork chops. In a medium bowl, combine Parmesan and spices. I would rate this recipe 5 stars all the way! please dont laff too much. As with any type of meat, having a bone in will provides more flavor once it is cooked. We had four large pork chops so we doubled the amount of spices. The result…moist and delicious air fryer pork chops! These were the second thing I fixed in my new air fryer easy recipe to follow instructions were great. They were pretty damn good. Im not a pork chop fan, I was tired of the mundane cooking and decided to make these. I know it’s an extra step, but it would certainly give it that tasty char. You have a keen eye. These look amazing!! But give it a shot and see. Right on, Ronny!! It’s a healthy and nutritious soup! I have bone in pork chops. Thank you. Well, it was still out yesterday until late afternoon (found out all it was, was a loose wire!). In order to make sure your pork chops are nice and juicy, it is important to not overcook them. This may be a dumb question but did you use the Air Fry mode or the bake mode? Did you do this from thawed or frozen? Absolutely incredible recipe and I will be putting this on a regular rotation in our monthly menu. I have never made a decent chop – ever – until today! The rub is also fantastic on chicken wings!! Thanks for the feedback. You can also follow us on Facebook, and Pinterest. This one will be hard to beat, though. I’m a true-blue Singaporean who loves travel, photography, and food. Whether you prefer a cute, lively, sexy or elegant style, you can find it at CHUU. This Parmesan Pork Chops Recipe For Ninja Cooking System is a great solution that will let you get a tasty meal to the table in les than 30 minutes with no muss or fuss. This is such a simple, yet tasty recipe that I intend to make it often! Thin pork chops will cook to quickly and never get that nice char on them. When someone asks us what is one recipe that you will only make in your air fryer, we always tell them Pork Chops! This came out juicy and tender. I left my career in accountancy in 2014 to become a globetrotter. ★☆ Love the rub! 1. Apt title. Served with pineapple mango salsa (Trader Joe’s). Damn good! I have the Corsori air fryer as well as love it. We loved them! ★☆ And this recipe is awesome!!!! When the pork chops are done, remove them from the air fryer and place them on a plate and let them rest for a couple of minutes. Hi Lisa. Coat both sides of pork chops with Parmesan mixture. The thickness of your pork chops can also affect cooking time. Glad you liked it! So I looked online & found your recipe. The only change I will make is that I needed to air fry the chops longer than 12 minutes to get them to reach the desired 145 degrees (took about 20 minutes total). Excellent! And I hope dessert is awesome too! Title says it all, thanks for the recipe. P.S. We decided to just cook one pork chop at a time so that the air fryer wouldn’t be crowded. First, I cut the sugar in half. Thank you! Looking forward to hearing how the recipe goes for you! I actually have a new air fryer stove. DELICIOUS & so very juicy!!!! Probably 5 minutes for the thin but think I’ll make rub and keep in jar. They were sooo good!! All air fryers are gonna be a little different. Simply place the probe of the thermometer in the center of the meatiest portion of your pork chop. Haha!!) In a small bowl add the seasoning ingredients and mix until incorporated. Can we stand them up. 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. ★☆ What a recipe! I Love My Air Fryer. Thinner pork chops require less time and thicker pork chops may require additional cooking time. Thank you for sharing. Thanks so much for the feedback! Ninja Foodi Multi Cooker – Air Fryer Pork Chops. I made these pork chops, and my husband (who thinks it isn’t good if it isn’t grilled) loved them. This is my new go-to pork chop recipe! By using this site, you are agreeing to these cookies. The seasoning was absolutely incredible — these truly were the best damn pork chops I’ve ever tried!