Tags – Bollywood Songs Qawwali Lyrics Meaning Trasnlation Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Dancing to every glance, look of the wine-giver, I drank, while playing with waves I drank playfully, oh merciful lord please forgive me for all my wrong doings, That I was afraid but still with great pleasure I drank, That I would drink without prerogative when did I have such courage, With the acquiescence of my lovers veiled eyes , I drank, Oh saint, abstinent look at the mischievousness of my drinking, I drank by befriending the forgiveness of god, Purple clouds are over-cast and the sound of music is all around, whose tresses are open in the rainy season the air winds are perfumed, Let us dance in the garden courtyard the clouds brought music with them, It stays near,close, it stays far,someone surely lives in my heart, I remain mildly intoxicated, I stay in a state of pleasure, My beloved lives in my heart like light lives in darkness, now this is the state of this man is that all the time he remains intoxicated and ecstatic, This little bit mild , this mild , this mild, This is the fault of your eyes those taught me drinking, your intoxicating glances,made me a drunkard, What wine, what intoxication all this is due to your kindness, you served me wine with your eyes such that I have forgotten myself, The whole world is ecstatic,the order of the world is ecstatic, the day is ecstatic, so is dawn and so is evening, your captivating, magical eyes have made everything every one rich or poor ecstatic, Every kind of wine is there in your tavern, a little bit of that wine that exists in your eyes is in the goblet, I understand your cleverness, the confusing affair you put on well, It is the fault of your eyes gaze, but the blame is put on the wine, your flirtatious looks gazing have made me a drunkard, Bring it with dancing, waving and smiling, bring the juice of flowers and add the rays on the moon also, Why are you leaving unhappily when this atomosphere is colorful, The wine goblet is cracked is the sight of a misfortunate reward, By hiding bring a colorful dress to the mirror, They say that age, time which is gone never comes back, the day of judgement cant be predicted that is why I drink without counting, all the atmosphere, season has become alcohol, Drank good , drank bad drank in good times , drank in the bad times, now it has become habit, no intoxication and no high, Intoxication is belief, the flask jug is the faith, youths devotion to whatever it is colorful beautiful, if your beauty gets exposed before everyone, then every face will become beautiful in this world just like the book of god, the worship without value, respect is waste, Those who live with respect for them even mistakes become rewards, drunkards are attached to you so much that, even if you will give them water it will become wine, the one whom you will look at with loving eyes, Every type of wine is present in your tavern, little bit of that wine which is present  in your eyes is in the goblet, it’s the fault of your eyes gaze but the blame is put on the wine, Your love is my life, your memories are just like prayers, I worship, pray whenever you come in front of me, I am a true lover , servant of love since the beginning of life, I do not care for piousness or religious restrictions, now I don’t have any need to search for heavenly place, my devotion is such devotion that is not bound by mosque or temple, when I just see you once , by god it is  no less than a prayer, its equal to prayer, I will take your name morning and evening, I will take your name, I will face you and bow down before you, Your name is on my lips but I remember you everywhere, whichever home I go, the world will forget me if I forget you , the world knows me because of your name and love, my is filled with the your boundless glories stories, the candle which does not show me your shining will be put out by me, I bow down to my infatuation with you, I sacrifice to your mercilessness, those who laugh at my sadness which type of blessings I should give you, On the day of the final judgement I will rise with scars of your love, Move aside your hairs from your face and speak, Raise your eyes and speak , let the eyes meet each other when we talk, this is also a style,manner of conversation, when you talk with me talk from your heart, It is the yearning of the heart and wish of ones life, there is no delicate emotion like that of a friend, on every talk it feels that it is pulling like a sword, in front of everyone estimating the value, your photo image would be clinging to my heart on that day, this is the miracle of my madness love for you, where ever I bowed my head I made a mosque, After me  whom you will torment , inflict pain on, then I kept my soul, my heart and then my head before her, then I ask her after me whom you will inflict pain on, I said these are the eyelids , she said these are the arrows, I said these are the eyebrows, she said these are daggers, I ask her why are you bouncing your hair from side to side, I said with your parting, I played with my life, I gave you my heart and you made me suffer , gave me sadness, However much you want torment me time is here, when you will leave it will also make me happy, Your injustice is not contained within my ruin, why your eyes are getting drenched? teri behkee behkee nigah ne mujhe ik sharaabi bana diya Mere baad kis ko sataao gai Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-06-18 I said these are the eyelids , she said these are the arrows I bow down to my infatuation with you, I sacrifice to your mercilessness ye bhi andaaz e guftagoo hai koi par ye to bata do phir mere baad kis ko sataao gai your captivating, magical eyes have made everything every one rich or poor ecstatic After me whom you will inflict pain on Intoxication is belief, the flask jug is the faith  PLEASE do not use or opt for legal actions. Lovely composition by Nadeem Shravan. Mere labb pe aisi dua na ho ba-khuda.