International Scientific Journal & Country Ranking. Review processing is performed by the editorial board members of JPSPA or outside experts; at least two independent reviewers approval followed by editor approval is required for acceptance of any citable manuscript. Global Journal of Political Science Research is inviting you to submit your paper and paper will publish without delay. All Political Science Articles (by date) Page 1/31 | Showing results 1 - 16 of 462. Fax +41 (0)21 510 17 01, For technical issues, please visit our Frontiers Help Center, or contact our IT HelpDesk team at ?� Case Study: The Central African Republic and South Sudan, Domestic Actors in Energy Governance System: A Case Study of India and China, Citizen Involvement in Decision Making Process in Ilala Municipality, Dar es Salaam �???? Science Publishing Group does not require all authors of a research paper to sign a letter of submission, nor does it impose an order on the list of authors. It will consider the societal and cultural factors that influence the operation of government together with policy theories. No additional page charges are required if a manuscript is substantially longer than 25 pages. Global Journal of Political Science Research covers all the fields of Political Science Research related. Why do Science Publishing Group Journals have Article Processing Charges?, For queries regarding Research Topics, Editorial Board applications, and journal development, please contact Manuscript length should be 6 to 25 pages. Check your article status here. Tanzania. Frontiers in Political Science focuses on the theory and practice of governments and political systems at the local, state, national and international levels. International Standards for Editorial Board: Editors and Editorial Board are required to follow the international standards for Editorial Board: ●  The Editorial Board must keep information pertaining to all submitted manuscripts confidential. 11 . Global Journal of Political Science Research covers all the fields of Political Science Research related. There is no limit and covered full-length research article, short communication, review paper, and case study, etc. Today's Poland as a Bastion of Conservative Populism: Targeting Families in a Populist Power Grab. This is a list of political science journals presenting representative academic journals in the field of political science. 12 No. For any reuse or distribution of a work, users must also make clear the license terms under which the work was published. The aim is to focus on the actions, decisions and policies made on local, national, and international levels, from within a country, between countries and finally within international organisations such as the UN and European Union. Under this license, authors retain ownership of the copyright for their publications, but grant SciencePG a non-exclusive license to publish the work in paper form and allow anyone to reuse, distribute and reproduce the content as long as the original work is properly cited. The scientific community and general public can access all articles published in the journal for free. No permission is required from the authors or the publishers. We encourage all students who would like to have their political research considered for publication in The Journal of Political Research, to submit their original research to us. Upon an article is editorially accepted, the corresponding author will be notified about the payment issue, which is charged to either the author, or the funder, institution or employer. Before submission, please ensure that your articles are in the form of Microsoft word 2000/2003(doc) or Microsoft word 2007/2010(docx). The standard license will be applied to the authors' publications, which ensures the publications freely and openly available in perpetuity.