Our site includes quite a bit of content, so if you're having an issue finding what you're looking for, go on ahead and use that search feature there! If you’d prefer not to apply sunscreen to your scalp, then hats and other head coverings are another great way to protect your scalp from direct sunlight. Try going natural for a time. We hope you are enjoying HealthHearty! // Leaf Group Lifestyle. If you have suffered from severe stress or some type of traumatic event then the chances of burning scalp syndrome and telogen effluvium increase. With hair loss a nueropeptide called “Substance P” is thought to increase as the hair dies and triggers the pain response. To learn about them, along with some other causative factors, keep reading. Medically reviewed by: Debra Rose Wilson, PhD MSN RN IBCLC AHN-BC CHT. Any chemicals that are meant to change your hair, whether it’s the color or the texture, are harsh by their very nature. Dr. Brijesh Chandwani answered. If so, then you may want to try a product without those ingredients to attempt to rule them out. We use naturally occurring herbal extracts and natural ingredients to condition the scalp and hair. Some antidepressant can reduce Substance P which results in improvements with burning scalp syndrome. In some cases, there is not an obvious physical cause as to the pain and burning. Burning scalp syndrome has also been linked to fear of hair loss, and this fear may produce painful sensations in the scalp 1. Neurology consult: You could be having a kind of neuropathic pain disorder. These chemicals reside inside shampoos, hair conditioners, dyes, bleaches, and hair care products. Reduce stress to your hair by choosing loose hair styles. Other treatments for burning scalp syndrome include corticosteroids, capsaicin, anesthetic agents and gentle shampooing 1. Fax: 1-778-484-5817. This disconnect may trigger physical pain without an otherwise obvious cause. This is common in people who have had a limb amputated. According to keratin.com, doctors do not precisely understand the cause of burning scalp disorder 1. Similar to the loss of a limb (though, obviously less detrimental to physical function), the nerves within a hair follicle may perceive the presence of a hair strand. There are many reasons for scalp burning and the precise treatment depends entirely on the diagnosis of the burning. Gabapentin, a newly released anticonvulsant medication, has been effective in treating chronic pain syndromes (erythromelalgia 19 and reflex sympathetic dystrophy 20) in uncontrolled studies. Some other connections have been made that could explain some of the symptoms of the syndrome. If you are experiencing frequent episodes of scalp sensation, you need to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Disorder referring to one or more of 4 pairs of sinuses are called paranasal sinuses. Burning Scalp Syndrome occurs in about 1/3 of those experiencing chronic hair loss. Itchy scalp? Readers are advised to consult a certified medical professional. Some of them are deficiency of vitamin B12, diabetes, common cold, etc. By treating the cause, you’ll not only put an end to the annoying burning sensation, but you could also save yourself from further hair shedding and loss. There can be numerous medical conditions that can show burning scalp sensation as one of their symptoms. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. These theories have not been proven yet, but there does seem to be a link between hair loss and burning scalp syndrome. Some of them are deficiency of vitamin B12, diabetes, common cold, etc. Please make sure to add “sales@margohairalive.com” to your safelist so that any email communication is received. The burning sensation and pain in the scalp can be difficult to understand as no physical trauma has occurred to cause the pain. Burning scalp syndrome has also been linked to fear of hair loss, and this fear may produce painful sensations in the scalp 1. If you are experiencing frequent episodes of scalp sensation, you need to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. The scalp often gets inflamed and becomes red in appearance. Treatment for burning scalp pain: Interestingly, some women who stopped using their birth control pills have reported a reduction to burning scalp pain. If you suffer from a tingling or burning scalp, then you’re likely on a mission to stop the discomfort once and for all. Don't go outside with wet hair, especially if it is cold outside. Read on to learn more about this scalp condition. It can be quite hard to predict how does the body gets affected by stress. According to "Clinical Management in Psychodermatology," 34 percent of people suffering from chronic hair loss syndromes experience burning scalp syndrome 1. As your body does need vitamin D to thrive, it’s not recommended that you avoid sun exposure altogether. This might include getting more exercise, going for walks, yoga, stretching, meditation, or simply getting more sleep each night. But before we dive in, you’ll first need to determine the cause…. It’s a condition in which people with an amputated limb can still feel its presence, or in some cases even perceive it to be in pain. Burning scalp syndrome can be incredibly painful, and while there is no perfected cure, dermatologists have had success treating the condition with antidepressants 1. The course of treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis, but it often includes soothing topical creams or oral antidepressants. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. 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